Bodhi at Nexus Club, New York

Simplified monitoring, control and scheduling of key systems across multiple locations

NEXUS is reinventing the concept of the health, fitness and social club.

NEXUS Clubs are for the entire family, with daycare, youth and teen areas as well as a fitness center, spa, meeting rooms, restaurants, lounges, and bars built with couples and single adults in mind.

A couple may join a NEXUS club for the fitness center, spa or restaurants, but then find more and more to do there as they start and grow a family.

The facilities, cuisine, service and appointments are all top-tier, and the clubs include the Bodhi technology management system.

“Bodhi simplifies the management of the clubs, while protecting each location from possible damage,” explains Greg Michelier, partner at Software Development LLC.

“On the one hand, Bodhi allows management and staff to adjust and schedule lighting, climate and audio systems throughout the clubs, using any device with an Internet browser.

On the other hand, it detects potential problems, such as leaks in the plumbing or malfunctioning electronic equipment, and sets limits on temperature and audio levels, preventing damage and keeping members more comfortable.”

So far, Bodhi is installed in the New York and Nassau, Bahamas, clubs, with plans to add it as NEXUS opens new locations in Los Angeles, Toronto, and the Exumas.

The next level

The NEXUS Clubs are the brainchild of an investment group led by Tiger Woods, Justin Timberlake and British financier Joe Lewis, who have set out to provide an outstanding new type of club experience.

In reviewing the New York club, the Robb Report wrote, “Now there’s a club that just might outdo them all [with] two elements that take the lifestyle experience to the next level: a holistic wellness center and family services…

“Take your meetings in a private conference room after dropping the kids off at the daycare center, have lunch at the café, followed by a personal training session, and then finish off the day with a glass of Dom in Shelby, the chic lounge that is named after Timberlake’s Tennessee hometown. You couldn’t do all that at Core Club or Soho House and certainly not at a Playboy Club.”

The New York Club, in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, offers a 7,800-square-foot fitness center, two studios for private workouts and classes, a spa with five treatment rooms, a hair salon and cryotherapy chamber, plus a dining room, café, traditional and wine bars, a meeting center, a daycare center, kids’ club, game room, and even a Dylan’s Candy Bar.

The Nassau Club, located in the Baha Mar Resort, features a Veuve Clicquot Champagne Bar, a sports bar, indoor gaming area, a central lounge, a private pool surrounded by cabanas, and exquisite views of the island waters.

Michelier says that while the clubs are equipped with the latest audio, video and computer systems, technology can be a two-edged sword.

“Certainly you want to provide your members and guests with the very latest systems, but keeping them running perfectly can be a challenge. By constantly monitoring key technology, Bodhi helps management avoid glitches and downtime, and allows them to spend more time on what really sets them apart: personal service.”

Anticipating problems

At NEXUS, Bodhi manages the Crestron processors installed at each property and all of the components that the Crestron systems control. In doing so, Bodhi simplifies the management of the Crestron systems and enhances their functionality.

One key to Bodhi’s value is its creators’ understanding of building and electronic technology. “We know, for example, that most electronic systems will start to draw extra current when they’re not functioning properly,” Michelier explains. “So we designed Bodhi to track the current flow to each component, then send IT or Maintenance an alert should something start operating outside of its specification.”

Another worry Bodhi addresses is the possibility of leaks and floods. “A small leak can go undetected for days or weeks, in the meantime damaging woodwork and plaster while promoting the growth of mold,” he adds.

During the hours the clubs are open, staff and guests use water regularly, and while Bodhi monitors the flow, it does not report any issues. But overnight, water use should be zero, and even a tiny flow will indicate a drip or a leak. When Bodhi detects that, it will notify maintenance (via text or email) so that they can address the problem.

Bodhi also includes a ticket tracking system, with every alert automatically creating a trouble ticket. In this way, appropriate managers can track all alerts and make sure they are resolved. Alerts also post to Bodhi’s extensive reporting system, so managers can track a system’s history of trouble, as well as its overall use.

Simplifying control

All of this said, the real power of Bodhi is less in preventing problems as in simplifying the use of various types of technology.

The heart of the Bodhi application is its Dashboard, which provides a simple overview of the clubs’ systems, drilling down from the location to the functional areas (such as Reception or the Spa), then to individual rooms, their Crestron control systems, and other connected systems such as the flow meters. Using any device with a web browser, managers (with appropriate password-protected access) can use the Dashboard to set lighting, temperature and audio levels, check on any alerts and view reports.

One of the most powerful features of Bodhi is its Scheduler, a calendar-based application that allows users to schedule functions for any date and time or range of dates and times, automatically repeating them if desired. So, for example, if the Nassau club will host a wedding reception Saturday, the catering manager might schedule the audio sources and volume levels, plus any special temperature and lighting levels from her office anytime during planning. Local staff can always make adjustments, if needed, but, generally speaking, technology settings are one less thing to worry about the day of the event.

The investors’ intent, in creating NEXUS, is to establish a new leader in health and wellness. In its ability to enhance the technology and management of the clubs, Bodhi is an important tool helping them meet that goal.