Meet Bodhi

Bodhi is a cloud-based building management platform that centrally monitors, analyzes, schedules and controls all of the technology on your property from a single interface — from lighting, climate, water, electrical metering, audio/visual and other building technologies.

Best of all, it’s so simple that any property manager, engineer, concierge or homeowner will be able to begin using it immediately.

Trouble Tickets
Predictive Maintenance
Guest App


Designed for real people such as property managers, homeowners and management staff, not just engineers.

Provides high-level overviews that drill down to individual devices

Quickly select any device or system in any room or area

Control that device, set up alerts, and view analytics


Real time calendar that you can use to recall the perfect mood for dinner in the restaurant, set the stage for a Sunday pool party, or set up any preset or event you can imagine.

Simply choose starting and ending dates and times

Specify actions for devices, groups, presets or scenes

Schedule one-time events or repeat by day, week, month or year

Automate via standard or astronomical time


Lets you and appropriate staff know when something happens that might compromise your property.

Triggers SMS text messages and email alerts when a device operates outside its specified tolerances

Can alert you of open doors or windows, water leaks or unusual electrical use

Set up the alerts you need from within the dashboard

Trouble Tickets

Helps you manage problems and track them through their resolution.

Logs all alerts and steps toward resolution.

Access from the dashboard or analytics package.

Predictive Maintenance

Predicts the potential failure of key systems on your property, then notifies staff and vendors to perform preventative maintenance or repairs.

Tracks the age and hours of use of key systems and components.

Measures adherence to each manufacturer’s specifications.

Logs crucial measurements for each system and monitors how they track with changing conditions.


An easy-to-use package that keeps you informed about the use of your property and technology.

Simple charts and graphs help you see at a glance what’s going on

Graphs usage trends for rooms, spaces, systems and components

Summaries display on the dashboard

Detailed analysis via a customizable reporting package

Can create state, federal and corporate energy utilization compliance reports

Guest App

The power of Bodhi in a browser based app for hotel guests.

Browser based, nothing to install

Keyless room entry

Control of lights, climate, shades, entertainment systems

Call the valet, housekeeping, book reservations

Chat with front desk or concierge

Customize with your branding and web-based information

Integrate with your existing app or simply share link

Can automatically populate with guest names and room numbers


Keeps your property and its systems secure from ill-intentioned people.

Granular control levels for access, alerts, and configuration

Can utilize role-based permissions established by your active directory server

Built on Microsoft Azure


Enhance your guest experience through a wide range of technology

Fully compatible with all Crestron products and the systems they control (including most AV, HVAC, fire and security systems)

Fully compatible with all Lutron platforms, including Caséta

Manages Amazon Alexa devices for voice control

Manages and controls a range of Bodhi wireless devices

Integrates with most property management platforms to trigger guest room ‘welcome’ and ‘eco’ modes based on occupancy


The Daytona Hotel

Management, scheduling and control of lighting, music, and digital signage systems in the meeting center, restaurant, and common areas, including a huge outdoor LED display at the entrance.

The Daytona Hotel

Management, scheduling and control of lighting, music, and digital signage systems in the meeting center, restaurant, and common areas, including a huge outdoor LED display at the entrance.

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Home in Isleworth

Simplified setup, scheduling, control and maintenance of an extensive Crestron lighting system in a very large luxury home

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Nexus Club New York

Simplified monitoring, control and scheduling of Crestron climate, lighting, and music systems throughout the clubs, including the spa, restaurants, bars, event spaces and other public areas.

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Art Ovation Hotel

Monitoring, control and scheduling of Crestron lighting, music and digital signage systems throughout the common areas and meeting center, with instant customization by managers and staff.

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Industry-leading Solutions

Bodhi integrates deeply with enterprise partners such as Crestron and Lutron and brings a new level of service to the hospitality, commercial, and residential industries.


Crestron engineers high-tech solutions for every market. From customized luxury smart home automation to scalable out of the box collaborative tools that will guarantee reliable, easy to use solutions.


Bodhi products are designed to work together. Whether you are away for business or on holiday, or just simply at work down the street, you have full home control and access from any location.


Lutron designs and manufactures more than 15,000 energy-saving products, from dimmers for the home to light management systems for buildings. Lutron is committed to innovation.